Progas Engineering

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This company’s goal is to provide quality fabrication in the drag race chassis construction and design. We are always staying on the cutting edge of design and development of our many different products. We test everything at the race track to make sure our customer is getting the finest product available. If it does not work, we figure out why or discontinue using that design. We are very adept at all fabrication as related to the building of a race car chassis with degrees in engineering, fabrication, welding, machining and mechanics. Only the finest equipment available is used to create all products meticulously in their design and appearance. Progas offers only top quality work because we know our customers expect the best.
ProGas services include complete door car chassis you can take to the track. Just bolt your engine and transmission to the minor jobs of roll bars and frame connectors. ProGas treats each customer with respect. Whether you spend $100,000 or just require a simple tech question answered, you can expect nothing but top service and professionalism from us. Our reputation speaks for itself.

We are located In Surrey BC and its appointment only 604-916-1711


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